Hornady 300 BLK instead of Whisper

I noticed a few days ago that MidwayUSA had some Hornady Zombie Max ammo in their “new” section with a listed caliber of 300 Blackout, as opposed to the previous version which they had originally done as 300 Whisper. Hornady was sort of ahead of the curve on the .300 BLK explosion, and they went with the nomenclature of .300 Whisper, even though their loading was a match for BLK. I have both versions and not only are the cartridges identical (except for headstamp), the index number from Hornady is the same - 80890. They appear to have just changed the label from Whisper to Blackout and have left everything else the same except that the blackout cartridge has a headstamp of Hornady 300 BLK. The lettering on the headstamp is very fat and is poorly done since the letters all squish together. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have the headstamp redone to clean it up, and Hornady is always changing their headstamps anyway.

According to J D Jones there is no difference between the Blackout and Whisper, although some sources suggest otherwise.

I have never really been sure, but my guess was that some of the random similar loads with labels like 300-221, may or may not have been adhering to a spec that was the same as Whisper, and that some of those loads may have eventually taken on the name of “Whisper” when that became somewhat of a standard, and may have thus been a little different than the 300 BLK. I think anything loaded in the past 6 years as “300 Whisper” though, has matched 300 BLK, and anything from the past 3 years has altogether been labelled just “300 BLK” since that became hugely popular.