HORNADY 308 Match headstamp

Is it possible to identify the manufacturer of this brass case (who made it for Hornady)?
Thanks for any comments

Why do you feel it was not made by Hornady? I believe Hornady has been making the 308 lately. I have both Hornady 308 Win Match headstamp and Hornady 308 Match as unfinished cases that came from the Hornady plant. I assume that if they were made by someone else the unfinished cases would not be located at the Hornady plant. Certainly this is not my area of expertise but speculation on my part.

Like a lot of manufacturers today, it is my impression that when Hornady has a case made by someone else, but with the Hornady headstamp, it has dots in various places to identify that maker. It is also my impression that if the headstamp has no “special punctuation” (dots, etc.) then it is made by Hornady themselves. I could be wrong, but that seems to be the case with their auto pistol cartridges.

Thank you, GaryM and John for comments - they help me. I was not sure is this case was made by Hornady or for Hornady. Therefore ask a question