Hornady 6mm ARC, Another Cartridge Adopted by the US Military

Hornady’s 6mm ARC was recently noted here on the Forum: Hornady's new 6mm ARC

Further information indicates the US Military adopted this cartridge before Hornady released it to the public.

Quote (6/4/2020)-
" Barrett announced this Wednesday they have been supplying their REC 7 rifle to the U.S. military in the new 6mm ARC offering as part of a Pentagon contract secured last year."

Cartridge case length is listed as 1.49 inches or 38mm.

6mm ARC, a

The different types of SAA being used by the US Armed Forces now is staggering. Getting to be like the huge assortment of small arms and thus calibers of ammunition used by the Chinese in the CCF Intervention 1950/51 during the Korean War.

I feel sorry for ordnance supply sergeants!

John Moss

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