Hornady 7.62x39 Zombie max headstamps

Hornady has had their line of Zombie Max pistol & rifle cartridges out for about 2 years now, and the 7.62x39 in this line was always a steel case. Yesterday at Cabelas however, I picked up a box of 7.62x39 with the same box design, except it had a label with the index #80783 and the words “Brass case” as opposed to the original steel case box which had a label with index number #80782, and made no mention of case type. The bullets appear to be exactly the same (both 123gr). This may or may not be a Cabelas exclusive as they seem to get some exclusive items from Hornady now & then. I did find some chatter in a Google search which references the existence of this brass case version going back at least a couple months ago.

Noticing this difference got me to wondering if there were any differences on the 12ga boxes which I also picked up a couple extra of, and sure enough, other than lot number, they appear to have some sort of different proof mark on the box. The box shown at left with the eagle mark is the original version from a couple years ago, and the box on the right is the one I purchased yesterday. Does anyone know what the marks mean? (pink arrows added by me):

The symbols show that the ammunition was tested under CIP rules. This is a legal requirement for commercial sales in CIP countries.

The eagle means Austria (Wien/Vienna proofhouse)

The cartridge symbol means Germany. The proofhouse symbol is too small for definite identification. It probably is München (Munich) or Mellrichstadt (also in Bavaria).

Edit: P.S. The symbol shows which proofhouse did the ammunition test. It is accepted in all CIP countries. So it does NOT mean the left box was intended for Austria and the right box for Germany. It simply shows where the test was done.