Hornady "Black" 5.45x39mm brass cases?

It appears that Hornady is getting ready to release a brass cased 5.45x39mm load in their “Black” line.

The steel cased version is identified as manufacturer’s identification number 81246 and the reportedly brass cased version is identified as 81247.

Has anyone seen this brass cased cartridge? Any idea who is making the cases for Hornady?

As for this in the past Hornady was in bed with Barnaul Cartridge Plant (Russia).
So far I have not heard of any changes.

Yes, new brass cased 5.45x39 is real. Cases are headstamped HORNADY 5.45X39 and loaded with 60 gr V-Max bullets and nickeled primers. Black line and product code 81247.

They also introduced new unprimed cases and bullets:

I need to add that I mean steel cases.
About the brass I wonder too!
Too bad no retailer for these is listed on their website.