Hornady Critical-Defense rares


On the Hornady website they mention that the 22WMR, 9x18 mak, 44spl, and .45 Colt are new this year for the Critical Defense line: http://www.hornady.com/store/critical_defense/ I have the 44spl & 45 Colt, but the 22WMR and 9x18 are nowhere to be found at retail. Has anybody seen them? I see that Grafs has listings for both, but it says out-of-stock (I assume they are coming in over the next few months?)… Another rare caliber is the 10mm for that line, which the Hornady website does not even list, but which Cabelas currently lists as in stock, and it is an exclusive through them.


'Bout time!

Everry time I email my LE rep at Hornady, I tell her they need to get some hot --or at least warm – 10mm in their lineup. Their original 200gr XTP loadings for the S&W 610 revolver were verrrrrrry snappy; more recent productions of the same round less hot.

They list the 10mm 165gr CD/FTX @ 1225fps…certainly not maxload territory, but definitely not a .40-as-10mm impostor. The bullet for the 40 and 10 CD cartridge is the same, so I can only surmise more expansion from the 10mm version.

Hornady uses the same pill across other similar cartridges, such as the 180gr XTP in .44sp and .44Mag…identical bullet per the rep.


Recently recovered a bakers dozen Hornady 10mm cases; headstamp HORNADY (over) 10:mm; they were made by Starline; colon between 10 and mm, and deburred flashhole.


I received a box of 10mm Hornady Critical-Defense from Cabelas today and these cartridges have the 10:mm headstamp mentioned above. Is it a new or odd headstamp?

Here it is with an end-flap label as well:

a label on the box says that it is lot #3110088


Matt, any chance of posting a profile of the 10MM round? I haven’t been able to find any photos of that round on the 'net yet.


Here is a profile pic of the cartridge and bullets. It is the same 165gr bullet used in the .40S&W load. Shown here next to a .40S&W Critical Defense cartridge:


Thanks Matt!


Lot number indicates early 2011 production.