Hornady headstamps


While sorting through a baggie of loose 9mm Lugers. I came across several headstamp variations of Hornady Critical Duty and or Critical Defense loads (I am not sure which is which) . I figured I would post pics for you 9mm/headstamp guys.



I have noticed that the Critical Duty projectiles have a “H” stamped into the red rubber tip


Silvery primers CCI,but golden Winchester?


As a bit of a useless factoid having recovered a few of them post firing, I’ve noticed the ‘H’ stamped into both ends of each polymer plug!


Left to right:

  1. Not sure
  2. Jagemann
  3. Winchester
  4. a second type of Jagemann
  5. earlier Starline
  6. later Starline
  7. in-house production
  8. same as 2.
    As for primers: Hornady uses Winchester, CCI – both nickel-plated and not-nickel-plated, and S&B primers. So, yes, the nickel-plated primers are CCI. Standard brass primers can be Winchester, CCI, or S&B. I’ve observed Hornady 308 Match cases only with Winchester primers, a 20-round box of 223 Remington where 9 cases had one brand of primer and 11 cases another, Winchester-made 9mm cases with CCI nickel-plated primers, and separately Winchester-made 9mm cases with CCI not-nickel-plated primers. Hornady seems to use the different primers interchangeably.


WOW! I am impressed!

Many Thanks…



Extremely Impressed