Hornady headstamps

While sorting through a baggie of loose 9mm Lugers. I came across several headstamp variations of Hornady Critical Duty and or Critical Defense loads (I am not sure which is which) . I figured I would post pics for you 9mm/headstamp guys.



I have noticed that the Critical Duty projectiles have a “H” stamped into the red rubber tip

Silvery primers CCI,but golden Winchester?

As a bit of a useless factoid having recovered a few of them post firing, I’ve noticed the ‘H’ stamped into both ends of each polymer plug!

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Left to right:

  1. Not sure
  2. Jagemann
  3. Winchester
  4. a second type of Jagemann
  5. earlier Starline
  6. later Starline
  7. in-house production
  8. same as 2.
    As for primers: Hornady uses Winchester, CCI – both nickel-plated and not-nickel-plated, and S&B primers. So, yes, the nickel-plated primers are CCI. Standard brass primers can be Winchester, CCI, or S&B. I’ve observed Hornady 308 Match cases only with Winchester primers, a 20-round box of 223 Remington where 9 cases had one brand of primer and 11 cases another, Winchester-made 9mm cases with CCI nickel-plated primers, and separately Winchester-made 9mm cases with CCI not-nickel-plated primers. Hornady seems to use the different primers interchangeably.

WOW! I am impressed!

Many Thanks…


Extremely Impressed

Hornady just released their .28 Nosler load to market, becoming the first major manufacturer other than Nosler to brand the ammo for sale. It’s a new headstamp anyway. It got me thinking to check several of the current new style Hornady boxes I have since lots and headstamps sometimes change with box type. I don;t know if the ones shown below (other than .28 Nosler) are a new version or not vs older types, but the 30-30 looks like a candidate.


DK - Its interesting to see Hornady using the German IS/JS caliber designation in conjunction with the 8 x 57. The “JS” stands for Infantry S, referring to the “S” diameter (.323) bullet, as I recall. The letter “S” in respect to the 7.9 x 57 mm cartridge of German manufacture will drive one to drink - S case; S-bore, S-Bullet (as opposed to s.S.), “S” as the makers ID on WWI Spandau cartridges. Weee! Are we having fun yet?

Great headstamp pictures, as always. Thanks for posting. Its nice to try to keep up on these commercial headstamp variations. The original photo on the thread is staggering. I have no idea how many of those 9 mm headstamps I have, or don’t have! Another project checking that out. They are really good photos as well.

John M.

The particular Hornady box that this 8mm came from was marked as “Vintage Match”, and is new production as part of Hornady’s broader “Match” line.