Hornady Introducing Commerative 1911 .45ACP Load

New from Hornady is a .45ACP load commerating the 1911 pistol. Hope the auto pistol collectors and especially the .45 Auto cartridge collectors find it of interest.

hornady.com/in-the-news/late … o-released

I sent my Pard Joe a picture of the box and the cartridge and headstamp yesterday. He must be away right now. So, forgive me if when he comes back, this is somewhat duplicated. I will send him a note telling him to put it on this thread, and not make a new thread out of it.

Sounds good John. I’m looking forward to seeing the pics.

We just acquired a box of what I assume is a new offering from HORNADY,
a .45 auto cartridge and box commemorating 100 years of the
Colt/Browning .45 Auto pistol. The box label makes it clear that it
commemorates the pistol, but out of the box, the headstamp is
misleading. Since it says only “45 AUTO 1911-2011” one seeing the
cartridge only would assume they are commemorating the caliber
(case-type) of the cartridge. In this case, the dates would be wrong,
since commercial production of the .45 A.C.P. cartridge began in 1905,
along with the Colt Model 1905 semi-automatic pistol chambered for it.
This ammunition is very expensive.

Shown is the top box label, and that from one side, the two major sides
of the box containing “commemorative information.” Note that the
artist’s rendition of the headstamp is incorrect, as the actual
cartridge headstamp does NOT have dots at the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock

The headstamp in the first picture is barely legible, so we thought we
should include a better headstamp picture.
Note the lack of dots on the actual headstamp.

Photo and Collection of John Moss