Hornady LEVERevolution pistol cartridges

Here are the pistol-caliber cartridges in Hornady’s “LEVERevolution” line.


I will have several of each of these calibers at SLICS if anybody wants a set:

While digging through 3 generations worth of Hornady Leverevolution boxes for .357mag, I find 3 different headstamps. I also dug out some Critical Defense & Critical Duty loads to show some Hornady .357mag headstamp variety. If Hornady’s .357mag cases are anything like their .45acp brass history, then there are probably 10 other variations out there.

Matt, was the .460 and .500 ever offered under the LEVERevolution line?

During 2016 they also developed a .41 Mag. LEVERevolution 190 gr. FTX load that was listed as a new product for 2017.



Now that you mention it, the .460 and .500 were not really proper members of the branded Leverevolution line. I think that early on (original post from 2011), when they were first loading more revolver calibers with FTX bullets, I just included them as being in the Leverevolution line since that is where the FTX bullet originated. The .460 and .500 would be in Hornady’s “Custom” line I suppose.

I have the following leverevolutions with the actual soft tip:
30-30, 35 Rem, 357 Mag, 41 Rem mag, 44 Rem mag, 444 Marlin, 45 Colt, 45-70,450 Bushmaster,450 Marlin,460 S&W Mag, 500 S&W mag

Vic, the .450 Bushmaster loaded with the FTX bullet was not marketed under the LEVERevolution brand. Same applies to the .460 and .500 S&W Mag. discussed above.



So they were NOT marketed as a leverevolution but had the same type of tip? Then my understanding was leverevolution was designed for tube feeding rifles. So what about the 357 Mag or the 41 Rem which were not rifle cartridges either?

Both calibers were made for lever action rifles in this caliber. The FTX bullet with pointed tip is not exclusive of the LEVERevolution line, as you can also find it in other lines like Custom, Custom Lite, Black, and Shotgun.