Hornady New Ammunition Items for 2019

A couple of examples:

I notice that Hornady is bringing .348 Winchester back into production (Thank God!). .348 Win has been the #1 most requested ammo item at my store over the past year that I have not been able to fill. None of the major manufacturers have made it in a long time, and virtually nobody has made brass for it in decades. Qual-Cart was selling whatever they make lately for around $40 for 20 cases though. Ellett Bros shows this item in their new-products lineup though but not yet in stock, and the retail price should fall around $50 or so per box of 20. One thing I will say about Hornady in terms of new products and things they show off at SHOT Show is that they actually have the new products available for the new year, usually even before the actual SHOT Show. This is unlike so many other manufacturers who sometimes have a 1-year lag after a SHOT Show debut, like Winchester and their new 9mm Hybrid fragmenting Polycase thing. Winchester keeps saying “soon” - I just keep tapping my watch at them.

Other interesting things I notice from the myriad of new products they will be offering is that they will add .25acp and .32acp to the Critical Defense line, and they are also going to load .300 Blackout as part of their Frontier line - hopefully this means a “FRONTIER .300 BLK” headstamp!

And speaking of .348 Winchester, Starline suddenly announced today that they are also getting into making brass for that caliber. The proximity of this with Hornady’s announcement had me suspecting that Starline was actually making the headstamped brass for Hornady (wouldn’t be at all unusual for Hornady), but Starline told me that they are not. So that’s two makers for this brass after around 50 years of no major production. Will be good for price competition hopefully. I see that Qual-Cart’s price on this caliber brass has dropped precipitously over the past couple weeks from around $2.10 per case, to about $1.15 per case - they must be anticipating the arrival of this lower-priced brass very soon.