Hornady Pink-tip 38spl "Lite" FTX

Along with the new Triplex .410 from Hornady, I notice they are offering 4 new loads in the Critical Defense line, one of them being a .38 special “Lite” with a 90gr FTX bullet designed to offer low recoil for small-frame conceal carry weapons. They seem to be clearly marketing towards women with the pink box, pink tip (instead of red), and showing the popular-of-late pink handled revolvers in all the promo imagery. They will also donate to the cancer fund for women similar to how Federal’s pink shotshells did:

All the new products, including Critical Defense loads in 30 carbine, .32 H&R mag, and .32 NAA can be seen here in a long video:

At the 10:40 mark, Hornady’s senior-ballistician Dave Emary sort of drops a bomb on Corbon when he proclaims that the “.32NAA is a very interesting, very effective cartridge, but up to this point it’s been hindered by ammunition with rather ineffective ballistics”.
Whether Dave knew it or not (I assume he must have), up until now almost all of the personal defense ammo in this caliber has been made by Corbon in such loads as the Glaser safety slug and standard JHP loads.

Wow, what will Hornady NOT DO to sell ammo?

Thanks Matt for keeping us updated on all this new ammo. As soon as you get some new ammo I expect some great photos to be posted.

I’ll definitely get a box each of the new Critical Defense calibers, but they probably wont be available until January (before SLICS at least I hope). Aside from all the new stuff that Hornady’s website mentions, there is also a new caliber of Zombie max out in 38spl +P. Their website does not mention it in the inventory, but it is out there and I have just ordered some:

Hornady is legendary for producing custom runs of stuff (for certain distributors) that appears nowhere on their website such as the 300 Whisper Zombie max and the 357sig, 44mag, and 10mm Critical Defense ammo.

Hornady came out of the gate strong, with one of the first handgun rounds to address the FBI’s wound ballistics protocols, back in the 80s (XTP).

Sadly, they never got on the ‘bonded’ train, and bonded JHP loads have been the norm for LE for a long while. For a long while, various XTP-based loads (rebranded as TAP, etc.) were all they had to offer. Their new-ish Critical Duty LE products are outperformed by exisiting, competing loads from Winchester and ATK.

Conversely, their rifle stuff, esp. in 5.56, 6.8, and .308, is at the top of the pile for many end-users in sports, LE and .mil. Their cartridge components have also consistently been well-made and well-respected for a long time. No clue why the odd, long gap in handgun cartridge performance.

At this point in the game, I want all firearms and ammunition manufacturers to produce and sell as many products as they can–regardless of how silly I may think the marketing is (ZombieMax, et al). As long as it’s not unsafe (for the user), make as much as you can folks!

I received the 38spl +P Zombie-Max box, and a box of 41mag Leverevolution. Neither of these appear on the Hornady website under the handgun ammo section, or custom section. The very new, and yet to be released .32NAA, .32H&R, and .410 Critical Defense do however appear, so these boxes I have are presumably a custom order by one distributor, which is the same thing that happened with the oddball 300 Whisper Zombie-Max being ordered only by Accusport. The headstamp on the 38spl +P is the same as the one on the Critical Defense .38spl +P that I have: HORNADY 38 SPL +P and the .41mag is: HORNADY 41:REM MAG. The index number on the .38spl zombie box is 90313 and the .41 rem mag is 9078.

Currently at SHOT show, and now available at some online sellers as I noticed it in stock today at MidwayUSA:

It’ going in my collection of pink & purple cartridges