Hornady's Zombie-max & Critical Defense lined up

I was recently doing some collection photos and figured I should post this lineup here. This is all of the unique cartridge calibers and types as released by Hornady for their Zombie Max line. It does not show every single headstamp variation as there have been some different ones in 9mm, .45 auto, and possibly others, but this is all of the unique case / caliber types:

All of the Critical Defense cartridges:

Wow! I never knew they made HCD in .32 NAA!

The .32NAA, .32 H&R mag, and the .22WMR were all new in 2013, coming out in the summer. The new .32 loads show a silver-colored primer, where before all of the C.D. had gold colored.

Matt, thanks for sharing these pictures. Do you have a headstamp checklist for each caliber?

There are a few missing in the picture of the Critical Defense line:

9 mm +P
.30 Carbine
.410 Triple Defense
.45 Auto +P

Fede - You are correct about the .30 carbine (I don’t have that one), and the .410 I should have posted in that photo also. In all the boxes I have, I only show a .45 +P and a 9mm +P in the Critical Duty line. For Critical Duty I have 9mm, 9mm +P, .45 +P, .40S&W, 10mm, and .357sig

I don’t have any kind of complete list, but I know that the most variety exists in 9x19, .40S&W, and .45acp. Just today I saw new variations (to me) in .40 and .45 at Cabelas. They were: Hornady 40S&W with no dots and Hornady 45 auto with one dot after the word Hornady. The box of 9x19 at Cabelas had one of the same few headstamps that has been around for a couple years, but I don’t know about the other calibers.

The box of 12ga Critical Defense 00-buck had the same exact shells, but the box was different in that it had a color section image of the shell above the word Versi-Lite.

In Zombie Max I have only seen a few variations in 9x19 and 2 in .45acp