Hot links

On most forums, hitting a hot link opens a new window for that page, but on this one it takes your current browser window to the new page. Is there a setting that can be changed?

I use internet explorer so it’s the only browser I’m familiar with. It you right click the link and pick the “Open in new window” option, that’s what it will do

I run Firefox, but I’ll give it a try. I sometimes like to peruse the linked article later, while continuing to read the forum. On every other forum I go to, clicking a hot link automatically opens a new window for you.

Edit: Doing the right click thing, Firefox gives you 2 options, “open in new window” and “open in new tab”. Either/both of them will work for what I’m after.
Thanks again

Tailgunner. If you have a mouse with a wheel, you should be able to click that like mouse button to “open in new tab”

Another shortcut is to hold down the Ctrl key (or the Command key if you’re on a Mac) and click on a link, which will open the link in a new window or tab.

I switched to Firefox when MS announced they were no longer going to support my OS, which is XP. I noticed immediately that some things that were simple with Explorer were much more complicated with Firefox. I can usually work around the differences but I still keep a shortcut to Explorer. When I run into a problem with Firefox, I simply open my Explorer browser and do things the old (easy) way.