Hot shot .223


Century Arms has been selling ammunition under the brand HOT SHOT for some time. I have seen Yugo (Igman) ammunition under this brand, as well as some Romanian rounds. I was at my local gun shop today and looked at a box of .223, and found it was made in Republic of Korea (South Korea). I figured like the other HOT SHOT ammo the headstamp would be that of the actual maker, in this case, “PS” or “PMC” depending. I was surprised to see the headstamp was “HOT SHOT 223 REM”. I just wanted to put out a “heads up” for the .223 collectors out there, although I suppose they all probably already know about it. First actual HOT SHOT headstamp I had seen on any caliber. My local guy seldom has this brand in any caliber and only had it now in .223.

Went back for a second look and have now edited this entry to show correct headstamp.

John Moss


John, I spent some time today looking on the internet for HOTSHOT ammo made in Korea. I only found it in .223.

It looks like this is the only caliber that was made in R. O. Korea.

Does anyone know of HOTSHOT headstamps in any other caliber?