Hotchkiss 8x50R articulated belt

OK, my dog is curious too. So, what is it?

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It is a Hotchkiss articulated belt (8x50R caliber variant). No idea about the dog.



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Thanks, Fede. Any idea which company/country made it? The only marking is “A” on the end tab.
Also, are these articulated Hotchkiss belts for tank use only? Or they were fielded by regular infantry too?

I don’t know who is the manufacturer. It was used in regular infantry guns, navy AA guns and armored vehicle guns, with variations in the quantity of sections used for each role.

I found this thread where Tony Edwards talked about the tank use. That’s the reason I asked.

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Here is a drawing from the British patent applied in 1916 and granted in 1919 (French patent was applied in 1915 and granted in 1920).


The articulated Hotchkiss belt, either in plates of 2 or 3 cartridges, with a six cart. Leadin strip, were developed for AFV use, for the .303 Portative; post WWI also for Turkish 7.9 Portatives.
The single plate articulated in 8mm Mle 1886 D cartridge was for Aircraft use in early WWI with a 8mm cal mounted Portative, outside the arc of the propeller.
Usually rolled up into a 500 round spool.
AFV portatives used a 50 round articulated belt, rolled without a spool, into a hopper attached to RHS of gun.
The flex belt was also used by Aust. Light Horse in 1918.

Replica (2015-2019).303 Hotchkiss strips and articulated belts in working order (export models) avalable from AVB Tech Services, Australia.
Will work in export guns…6.5mm, 7mm, 7.65, 7.9mm and Japanese guns Ho (1897,1905), T3, T92,.
Cal 30 and large rimmed cases require different size strips/ articulateds.
Doc AV

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