HOTSHOT made in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Anybody here who can tell what hs are on the cases of the HOTSHOT brand of Century Arms?

These were made by Igman and headstamped with their typical “( i )” at 12 o’clock, and this style was used in Bosnian made HotShot brand .223 Rem, .243 Win, .270 Win, .303, 6.5x55, 7 mm Rem Mag, 7x57, 7.62x54R, 8x57, and 9 mm Parabellum.

Thank you Fede!

I am not sure if HOTSHOT was a Bosnian Brand since Century Arms is stating differently:
“We have contracted with one of the world’s foremost ammunition manufactures and are pleased to introduce Hotshot™ ammunition.”

Also we know HOTSHOT head stamps from Urkaine.

As far as I know, “HOTSHOT” is a Century Arms brand name, and could contain any ammunition they contracted for.

John is correct, HotShot is a trademark owned by Century International Arms, Inc. and was used since november 2002. Ammunition offered under this brand was also made in Poland, Roumania, Serbia, South Korea, and USA.

I also noted that the link posted above shows the original Bosnian made Hotshot ammunition line as was first listed in CA January 2003 price list.

I have two different boxes of HOTSHOT .223 REM

The first is from Bosnia-Herzegovina. It is the same style box as is shown in the Century Arms catalog as was posted by EOD. The cartridges are green tipped SS-109’s and bear the Igman H/S: ( logo ) .223

The second box is from the Republic of Korea. These are 55gr. fmj and bear the H/S: HOT SHOT 223 REM Note the spelling in H/S as two words

My HOTSHOT 9mm boxes have two different headstamps, one is the “(i) 9x19mm” and the other an i over U symbol as a variation of the (i). and two long arches connecting it to the caliber designation at the bottom of the hst. Unfortunately this box only had three rounds in it when I got it. The two boxes are identical.

The later HOTSHOT 9mm were made in Romania with the hst “SADU 9x19 08”. This is interesting since one of these SADU rounds showed up in IRAQ-and is probably still there with the hst “SADU 06 9x19”. Have never seen one of those myself, but have the photo.

I thought the Centennial HOTSHOT 9mm was long sold off. Although the boxes pictured look like the originals from Bosina, there is no telling where their current ammo made or what hst it has. I called them today but they are a real pain to do business with I gave up.


The Polish made .223 Remington headstamp is quite unusual for modern commercial ammunition because no caliber is indicated, it simply says HOT SHOT (at 12 & 6 o’clock).

Lew, when this brand was introduced there used to be a line of ammunition made in USA using any case available, and production included calibers .223 Remington, .30 Carbine, .32 Auto, .38 Special, .380 Auto, .40 S&W, .45 Auto, and 9 mm Parabellum. Their boxes were marked “Made in USA” and bear different codes than the ones made in B-H (or those made in other countries).

Fede, I haven’t seen the HOTSHOT made in the US. I wonder if they were re-manufactured with assorted headstamps, or whether they simply bought from various producers. This is new to me!

I was just told by a friend that ZVS in Slovakia is delivering on a large order for 9mm HOTSHOT loads with the HOTSHOT headstamp. Perhaps there are other calibers also.

Does anyone out there have an account and is a regular buyer from Century Arms???



Lew, various pistol calibers were made using A-MERC cases, copper coated lead bullets, and nickeled primers. However, I don’t have specific information on the 9 mm.

Based on information available, it seems that US made HotShot ammunition was offered during just a few months. It was first mentioned in November 2003 but only listed in their January 2004 catalog (not longer listed in May’s edition).



Gentlemen, thank you very much for this discussion!

Lew, is there maybe an image of that Romanian 9x19 SADU box?


Awesome! Thank you very much Lew, this is very helpfull!

Lew, Century Arms has just added HotShot brand 9 mm Parabellum ammunition made in Ukraine and Slovakian ZVS brand in two bullet weights. They are also advertising a new “HotShot Elite” brand that will be made using brass cases (probably by ZVS, as you mentioned above) and “Red Army Elite” of which I have no information.

Here’s a link to an Armslist auction for a spam can of Hotshot 9mmP with the SADU headstamp: … d-9mm-9x19

Lew et al - I have a box from ZVS, 9 mm Para, that was made for Century Arms. However, their is no use of the word “HOTSHOT” on box or cartridges. The box is the standard blue and white ZVS-format box, except the only language used on it is English, there is not CIP mark on the box, and the back label is gone in faor of only “Made for Century Arms.”

The cartridge is what I can “all brass” - that is, brass case, braqss bullet (FMJ) bullet jacket, and brass primer cup. No color seals. Headstamp: ZVS 9mm LUGER. I only had this headstamp originally with a Nickel-jacket bullet.

I don’t know if this has anything to do with the report of “HOTSHOT” ammo being made for Century by ZVS or not.

John, can you please confirm the hs being: ZV 9mm LUGER ?

EOD - No, I cannot confirm that. I can confirm that either my brain or my fingers went on vacation, because the headstamp is not “ZV” but rather ZVS.

I have edited my comments to reflect the correct headstamp.

Sorry about that.

Thanks a lot John!
No worries, I have the same problem sometimes.