HOTSHOT made in Bosnia-Herzegovina

At the Czech Meeting the guy who runs ZVS confirmed to me that he was making HotShot headstamped ammunition for Century (packed in HotShot boxes), as well as selling ZVS ammo in the US. Unfortunately, he put most of his ammo, including his HotShot ammo in his car the day before the meeting and then drove the wrong car to the meeting early the next morning and left most of his ammo at home.

At least, that is what I think he said. He understands some English and speaks a little English. Our conversations are always through a third party and I’d guess my comprehension is about 80% or 90% accurate, but could be 50% for all I truly know. It could be he really was saying that he was selling his ZVS ammo to Century. However, as I mentioned on page 1 of this thread, I was previously told by a Slovak collector who knows the head of ZVS quite well that they were producing HotShot 9mmP with the HotShot headstamp.

I hope to see him again in the Spring, but for now can only keep a lookout for brass case ammo in HotShot boxes.


In light of Lew’s information on ZVS production of 9mm with “HOTSHOT” headstamp and in “HOTSHOT” marked boxes, does anyone know the reason for the standard ZVS English-language boxes marked for Century Arms, but not marked in any way for the HOTSHOT brand? Was this an interim shipment, or an older shipment? I had not seen it before yesterday, but that doesn’t mean it could not have been in the US for some time. I don’t get around much anymore as all our local gunshops of note are gone now.

Has anyone seen, yet, any HOTSHOT brand, and so marked, 9 mm ammo identifiable as ZVS from box markings or country of origin markings?

I edited my post above to reference my previous post. When I checked the Century Arms website two or three weeks ago, all they offered is the standard ZVS ammo in ZVS boxes and the Ukrainian Hotshot in 9mm. They also had a category “HotShot Elite” but nothing listed there.

Fede, earlier in this thread posted:

I suspect the ZVS HotShot hasn’t arrived yet.


Lew, HotShot Elite made in Slovakia has arrived!

Now also new HotShot Elite brass cased 5.56x45 made in Roumania has been added:

Then supposedly made by CUGIR. Too bad if they will have the Hotshot hs.

Alex, why not Sadu?

SADU makes the traditional WAPA calibers while CUGIR only in recent years started making NATO SAA calibers. I was not able to find out if they have an agreement on that issue as the SADU folks were unwilling to explain much and just said that it is CUGIR making NATO stuff (that was in 2012).

Also the shown 5.56x45 has exactly the same CM as the CUGIR one with number code that I have seen.

Alex, now I have confirmation that these were in fact made by Sadu and so headstamped. I may have a picture of the headstamp in the following days.

Great info! Can’t wait to see the hs.

The following is from Ján Franzen…

These are the boxes from 115 grn and 124 grn Hotshot from ZVS and Pfoto form cartridges.
The 115 and 124 grn cartridges look same.

Alex, here is an image of the 5.56x45 headstamp:

Fede, thanks a lot. A great update for the files! So far I had no verified date for SADU made 5.56x45. Also it makes sense now that in 2012 they said that they are not making any NATO calibers. Things are changing fast in this business.

I just noticed a headstamp image of this Hotshot 9mm type on and it seems to be the same except it has a dot instead of a dash. The best photo I could find is below, and certainly seems to be a dot - is this a known variation?

And speaking of ammotogo, they have revamped their website with a new inventory system, and have added a whole bunch of new photos (of their actual inventory) for most of the ammo, which is great for seeing the actual headstamp. The format of how they do it is the same, and you can tell because it’s either a manufacturer’s stock photo, or the Ammotogo in-house photo showing a box at an angle and two cartridges lying next to the box, with one headstamp facing you. Then they usually show another photo with closer-up shots of the headstamp. This is great since you never know exactly what you will get in terms of headstamps from Hornady, Corbon, or others as to whether they are using Starline or their own. Case types can be a surprise as well like this Hornady Zombie Max 9mm loaded on nickeled brass instead of regular brass like they usually always are:

Who knows if they will update their inventory photos and check boxes every time they come in (especially for restock of the same ammo if the index number is the same), but for now since they have just done this very recently, the photos should be accurate.