How are cartridge sections created?

If this has been discussed before, please post a link to the thread.

I am amazed at the quality of some of the sectioned catridges that I see on this site. How are these visual aids created? Lasers…lol? Were they once live rounds or are they mockups created as sections to begin with? Maybe both?

I am no expert like many here, but I have seen sectioned rounds in a few ways;

  1. Factory Made Demonstration / Teaching Aids

  2. Those made by highly experienced & LICENSED professionals

  3. Some collector made using 100% INERT and Safe components to start with

I am sure many will back me up when I say that this is not something the general collector or novice should tinker with and is better left to experts in the field. Besides the obvious dangers, some ammunition is made from dangerous metals and or chemicals that when vaporized or become airborne by cutting can be deadly in their own right.

You are correct that their are some spectacular cutaway specimens made by true artists in their field. I am always amazed by them and the skill used to create them. I am a novice myself but have learned so much from so many here.


jjjxlr8–The exact techniques of sectioning is a prohibited topic on this Forum due to liability problems. General discussion of sectioned rounds is welcome as are pictures of the result.

Are there companies / people who will take on sectioning for a fee?

I do commission sectioning - please contact me if you’d care to discuss…cartridgesmith (at)

Hey NorthBender

Paul is the BEST. Just check out the IAA journals. His sectioning jobs are the gold standard.


His work is absolutely INCREDIBLE! Definitely, the best!!! Paul, is the expert I was talking about :-) Extreme Skills!


No wonder I couldn’t find anything with the search function!

Thanks…I will look elsewhere to satisfy my curiosity. :)