How big is the Southwest Cartridge Show?

Was going to go to SLICS this year but something came up. I do however, have the opportunity to go to the Southwest Cartridge show.

Any idea what is the attendance of people selling and people buying?



Come on over & see us!

How big ? usually 30 - 40 or so tables & number of folk? hard to say we usually have around 30 folk for the banquet (Palace Bar).

I’ve just back from 3 gun shops in Chino, & 3 in Prescott handing out flyers advertising the show. Also covered Ruger and Gunsite plus the CV shooting range today. Tomorrow one ammunition maker down the road, two more shops in Prescott plus Armswest & two gun shops in Prescott Valley. Then the trap & skeet range in PV and the Prescott gun range, plus the college, Danny Peterson’s barrel making shop, & putting an advert in the local paper.

(a lot of stuff here. See the Feb. issue of SHOTGUN NEWS where an article calls Prescott, Gun Town USA, apparently we average 17.5 FFL holders / 10,000 residents. Closest comparable town Burlington VT, is 4 /10,000)

So all that said, don’t know how many will show up. Weather may, or may not, have a bearing. So far we have folk coming from AZ, CA, MT, NV & NEB, & perhaps other states, I don’t know as yet.

8 foot tables are $40 for WSCCA members, free parking & the show is basically in downtown Prescott.

See the schedule and some folk from past shows under the EVENTS button on this site & contact me at my e-mail address below (not the PM button please) for some places to stay & a map to the Rodeo Grounds if you wish.

Pete, do you also get flyers out to gun shows? For our PA show we get flyers at most of the gun shows in a 100 mile radius. Seems to work pretty well for us.

Hi Jon
No gun shows, see my e-mail

I am looking forward to the Prescott show this year. Last time there I picked up some really significant items. I love the variety of material that shows up. I have a great deal of Dick Rainbolt’s collection that I am bringing, most not seen before including his 223 collection for sale at the show. I’m hoping to pick up a lot of new auto pistol additions, Nitrex items, and everything else that attracts my attention. But also to see a lot of friends and maybe make some new friends and trading partners.

Thanks for hosting the show, Prescott is a great place. Traveling 1200 miles to get there is worth it to me.

OK, it sounds like a plan. My wife and I went to Hawaii for our 20th last year so we are looking for something a little slower this year :)

My wife has already planned the weekend so I’ll be there for sure. It’s just a straight shot out the 40 from Barstow for us. Is there any thing else of interest for a couple to do in Prescott? I don’t want to hold my wife over ammo ALL weekend ;)

Michael McKinney

A casino, shopping, a whole street of antique shops, county museum, (lots of gun shops in case she needs a present for you, other than ammo), art galleries, hiking, thrift shops. Should be some other wives getting out & about I’m sure she would be welcome. Somewhat out of town: cliff dwellings down by I-17 & hwy 69, towns of Sedona (<-a very expensive town), & Jerome.

Google the Prescott chamber of commerce.

Be careful Pete. You’ll have everyone in CA wanting to move to beautiful Prescott. That won’t do.

On second thought, maybe that is a good thing. That way, they won’t want to move to less beautiful downtown Linden, which is a terrible place to live.


Ray if you get Shotgun News in the Feb 3rd 2014 issue Prescott is noted & named as “GUN TOWN, USA”, so unless those Californians like guns, they probably won’t like their new neighbors in Prescott, so no worries, we’ll just point them to Linden.

According to the article Prescott has 17.5 FFL holders /10,000 population, with the next highest being Burlington VT with 4.5 FFL holders /10,000 population

If they do like guns we won’t hold it against them for moving here. [the draw-bridge theory is often in effect here]

Ray, I’m expecting you to be there if I come out so we can meet. Not sure if you remember me but I sent you some .30-06 that came from Gerald Morris. If you do come up, let’s grab some lunch :)

Yeah Michael, I remember you. I think I told you about when I worked in Mojave many, many, many years ago?

I made the 2nd or 3rd SW show but haven’t made another one since. It seems that something comes up every Feb or March to keep me away. This year is no different. I have to keep close to home waiting for a doctor’s appointment for the wife. Good doctors are getting harder and harder to find so when the phone call comes we’ll have to leave on a moment’s notice. Maybe next year.


No problem Ray, I know what you mean about Doctors and anything medical these days. We sure got screwed on this gov deal with insurance.

Be safe.


Could we get some pictures of the show to get an idea of the size? Size matters. I can’t go due to Whidbey Island trip this year, but maybe can plan for the next year.

Aaron has used his magic (aka computer knowledge) to post a number on this site under events.

So go to the home page & click events.

Then the location of the show listing is a link which will take you to the page with photos.

or just try this:

A BIG thank you to Pete and everyone that made me feel right at home :) I picked up a bunch of cool stuff and just enjoyed meeting you all and hanging out!

Michael McKinney

Thanks for the kind words, good to have your company & hope your wife left you some gas money after visiting all the shops!


I didn’t know it, but my wife left a map with Ann B. with all the shops numbered on it with as a guide, so needless to say we didn’t see them until closing time.

With luck next year in Prescott!

My wife said we are passing by there on our way home tomorrow. Is the Southwest show like SLICS where the bins get cheaper on the last day? LOL. Just thought I would ask :)


Why yes they do, for select customers & previous buyers.

I went by both Friday & Saturday and chatted with a few old friends. Good job by Pete & crew. Thanks, JH

No pict’s off the show???