How common are sealed 288 round wooden 303 ammo cans now?

I bought a sealed one at a gun show about 13 years ago and have never opened it. The same seller was selling packets of ammo out of ones he had opened but this was unopened. I have seen photos of the dunkirk evacuation with these boxes in them which I find exceedingly cool.

They don’t turn up here except except very rarely at auction. Not cartridge collectors auctions, general auctions by people like Holts. The days of surplus .303 has more or less gone now.

I bought a bunch of the pakistani 303 a few years ago and it has been great stuff. Still have about 3000 rounds of it. Lot better than the greek ammo although I found out that one problem I’d had with the greek stuff was that the enfield I had at the time had a weak firing pin spring. I also have a few hundred rounds left of the mixed mfr british stuff. I bought all of my 303 ammo from sportsmans guide which deals in a lot of surplus stuff. I haven’t seen any 303 surplus now for sale in a long time. This last weekend I discovered 3 boxes of martini henry ammo which absolutely blew my mind as I had never been able to find any except individually or in 150 dollar paper packs. Then I read online that there was a stash found somewhere by century and that is where it’s coming from. I’d love to make a reproduction ammo box like either the smaller ones with the sliding top or the large 900 rounder, buy a bunch of the newly discovered kynoch and fill them up :) Foil cover partially removed. Sort of part of a display. I suppose you could just build it up inside with a shelf and cover the top shelf with rounds.

Can you still shoot bolt action guns in england?

Can you still shoot bolt action guns in england?
Yes no problem with bolt action

Is that as part of a shooting club or can you shoot without being a member of a club? Quite a few years back we saw this apocalpytic video from the NRA showing thousands of people turning in their guns, bolt guns included to be cut up for the scrap pile.

Is this the wooden .303 box with the sliding tapered lid and metal liner? And a steel cable loop handle? I have one of WWII vintage, according to the paper labels, but never considered it as being anything particularly unusual. Is it?

you can still shoot bolt actions, but the restrictions are so excessive that it puts most people off. The ones shown in the video probably decided that they would sooner turn them in than go to the trouble of meeting the increased levels of bureaucracy required. Compensation was paid for the guns that were handed in. The exact figure that was paid out has never been released. Some estimates since have put it at 100 times what the government said it would cost at the time.

They like you to be a member of a shooting club. You are also limited on how much ammunition you can buy at one time, and how much you can store. The guns must also be kept locked in a steel cabinet when not in use. Before you can acquire another gun, you must first ask permission from the police to put a slot on your certificate for a firearm of that calibre. You must also provide a “good reason” to acquire another gun, such as hunting or membership of a club.

Of course if you have enough money you can get around these restrictions, as with any other law. I have heard rumours of a few UK based millionaires who have pistol ranges on their property legally.

I think you are making it sound much worse than it really is. There is a thriving rifle shooting community in the UK, whether target shooters or classic rifle etc. Yes, there is bureaucracy but so is there in any dealings with governent departments in any country in the world, whatever the subject.

Provided you are a member of an approved club and have no criminal or mental illness issues there is no reason why you should not have a Firearms Certificate. We have lost our pistols which was a totally unecessary knee jerk reaction, but there is still plenty of shooting and collecting going on here.

I know of nobody who has handed in bolt action rifles because it was too much hassle to own one legally. The pictures were probably from one of the big amnesties, perhaps the 1963 one which yielded tens of thousands of weapons of all sort, many from WW2. When self loading rifles went in 1988 people did not “queue up” to hand them in, it was much more discreet than that.

I know of a couple of people with private ranges and Section 5 Permits for pistols, but this is mainly in connection with their business. It takes a lot of money to install the security and safety systems to meet the necessary requirements so I agree that having plenty of money helps.

My Firearms Certificate is currently in for a renewal (for five years) and I had a perfectly civilised conversation with my Firearms Officer who was quite happy with everything…but then I have had an FAC for fifty years.

I accept it is not the easiest thing in the world to be a shooter and collector in the UK but if you work with the system instead of just complaining it is surprising what can be achieved. Giving in just hands ammunition to the antis.


I have to say, and I am the biggest opponent of gun control, that Vid is just pure propaganda. Much of it is untrue the way it is presented. Its not that bad in Britain.

The march shown was the one held before the handgun ban. That was a bad time but it was the political ambitions of one Tony Blair who brought that upon us. You Americans think he was a “regular guy” because he backed GWB over Iraq but he was a political snake in my opinion. The worst kind

Muzzle loader were not affected, I have a M/l pistol. Bolt action rifles were not affected, I have one. Assault rifles were affected but you can still have one that works manually. You can still have a semi auto .22. Shotguns with 3 or fewer cartridges are OK and you can apply for a licence for more, many people do have them. Lever actions are now very popular I have one.

The pressure is you have to be a member of a club, I help to run one. I have been secretary, and chairman, now I am treasurer and R/O. But the removal of pistols took the easy financial income away from the clubs and they struggle. Many have closed. Pistols were the cash crop for most clubs and you could have a lot of guys shooting pistols, drinking coffee, chewing the fat and generally hanging out. Even the policemen lost their pistols!

Has it saved this country from gun crime? no quite the reverse. Tony Blair was a Smuck. He pandered to the far left, animal rights, anti gun brigade, believing there were more votes by going that way. I despise him for his weakness. Friends of mine lost their businesses and even their homes over it. It has achieved nothing.

Pulling it back onto ammo related matters. You cannot own live ammunition for collecting purposes unless you have a collectors licence. many on here have them. Otherwise its inert only.