How do I attach a Photo?


How do I post photographs? I want to submit a rare headstamp photo.


You need a (free) online photo hosting site. Many of us use Set up your account there (easy to do) and upload your photo’s.
After they are uploaded, you will see several “links”, copy (left click to highlight, right click to see the menu, left click on “copy”) the “img” one.
In your post (preferably at the start of a paragraph) right click for the menu than select “paste”. Using this method, you don’t need to use the image box above your post.
[ IMG][/IMG ]
If you prefer, you can simply copy the URL in the window above your photo (esp if it’s hosted on a site other than PB), than after hitting the IMG button, pasting it between the brackets
[ img][/img ]

I have “killed” the links, by inserting a space at each end, so that you can see what the photo line will look like before you hit “submit”

Thanks Tailgunner! Great explanation.

I am agree with the points of “Tailgunner”. Its best practice to upload / attach photos.