How do I get articles I submitted to the resource center promoted to active?

The process and workflow to upload files, particularly batches, to the resource center is obtuse and confusing. I’m sure there is a logical flow to it, but I haven’t figured it out.

Can anyone else see the TAGs that I uploaded? Maybe they are already visible?!collection79267

@Aaron Is there some documentation on how this works? I know @PetedeCoux was also having trouble and we could both use some guidance.

I’ve also submitted over 20 documents that are waiting approval.

Wish I could help. We need a tutorial

I, also, had some research, etc. I wanted to ‘donate’ to the common good - but gave up when I got into the uploading procedures. Just wanted to upload some PDFs, not reprogram a system :wink:

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We have not set up a process yet for this.

Mainly because it involves someone, that’s not me, editing all the uploads and knowing/making sure they are not copyrighted and creating collections/categories for them to go in.

And for instance, @jestertoo all of the ones you uploaded are just titled TAG 1-1 or TAG 1-2 which is not very descriptive nor the actual title of the document. So someone would need to go in and manually change every single one to the actual title (such as Technical Ammunition Guide Series 1 Pamphlet 1 – British Madsen Ammunition 11.35mm 20mm 23mm) and add in the metadata such as authors and categories and etc.

We have plans of making a lot of the membership process more automated this year and then some of this will get easier.

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@Aaron I’m fine with that, I just need to know what to do, i.e. please give me the minimum list of things I need to enter for each article. What do you need regarding copyright (I have executor permission).

Aaron, will there also be a sorting option by date of addition?
Means one can ID newly added documents?
Simply because it is nearly impossible to check the whole content for “news”.

There is. Up at the very top there is a Recent button that shows everything added by date.

Any search results or collection you are in you can sort as well:

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Aaron, excellent !!!

I added full title, author etc for the ones I submitted.