How do I get rid of all the stuff under my log-in/ log-out button


Anyone know how to get rid of all the stuff which seems to keep accumulating under my log-in / log-out logo/button. Has all kinds of stuff in it, number of replies, old messages & other junk, & the only thing I want to use gets further & further away from me, the more I post.



Which log-in/log-out do you mean, where is it? Can you post a screen shot of what you are seeing?



Pete is talking about the button with your logo (the disassembled shotgun in your case) in the top right corner of the forum header field. You click on it and a sort of menu ist shown.
Logout is at the bottom. In my case it shows that one reader “liked” an entry of mine (Thanks PP!) and another sent me a reply directly (the latter arriving in my ordinary email; contents identical to the forum entry). Both span 2 lines because header text is also displayed. In addition there is an “Earned Anniversary” and an “Earned Basic User” line shown. No idea what they mean.

Like Pete, I also found no way to discard these entries. The text “view older notifications” gives hope that the list does not grow unlimited.


Thanks, now I see what he was asking about. I have never used that for logging in and out and didn’t link it to Pete’s question.


After posting for awhile I see this seems to have a limit of about 15 items, & the older fall off the list.

It seems redundant to have this stuff follow on to this log in / out button, so I have to ask is there a way to reduce the number of items it keeps track of?

Zero would make me happy, for whatever that’s worth.

Edited to add: on this page they don’t seem to fall off as I’m showing 19 items

edited again as now this page is 15 items UHGGGGG