How do we win this war. -:)

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Faulty munitions happen to everyone apparently (French ERYX missile):



Does the missile in the second video have a safety mechanism in case that happens?



I case there will be no reply with facts: it is safe to believe so, the armed forces care for their own! :-)

My assumption comes from the fact that the torpedoes we fired in the mid 70s were state of the art of the 50s or even earlier, and they had an “enabling distance” function which could be set from the “ballistic computer”. If I recall well, the minimum setting was a half nautical mile, possibly based on elapsed time and not actual travel. Too long ago to remember.


The soviet 9M111 Fagot (AT-4 Spigot) series missiles have double safety mechanisms for these cases. At first, they have a pressure switch, which connects the fuze into the missiles circuit when the starting stage charge is burning properly. The second is an inertia switch inside the fuze which starts the arming mechanism when the missile is accelerating with the proper speed.

I guess, the ERYX has something similar.


Smoke grenade user-malfunction:


And here’s one solution to that ERYX missile shown above (I wonder if they will phase out the ERYX or keep both):