How do you make lists of cartridges?

I was just talking to another collector about a possible trade. I had to ask him what he might want because I do not have a list of my dupes and trading stock. Why?? Good question. Because, I have so many that it would be impossible to list them all. They number in the thousands.

Question for you guys. How do you keep track of your trading stock? Can anyone recommend a quick and simple way? I know that I should have started doing this years ago, but it’s too late now.

Do any of you even attempt to list all of the cigar-box items? Those alone would be another big list, assuming I was inclined to sort and list them, which I’m not.

Any suggestions? I’m beginning to think this stuff will all be buried with me. ;-)



You need an apprentice .

On second thought…

And no Ray I don’t think of you as a small guy wearing a funny hat and shoes !


I usually try to get an idea of what type or calibers might be wanted and then make a short list of those. Ain’t no way to suddenly create a list of everything.

I have done the same thing. For example I spoke to a newly starting inert round collector here in the UK recently. He was looking for anything .22 calibre or below (rimfire or CF). Once I knew this it made it much easier to have a look through my spares box and see what I had. As there were only six items that fitted into this category, sending him a list and photos wasn’t a problem.

Sounds to me Ray like you need to get yourself signed up for an Adult Excel course, Excel is the perfect software program for this sort of job and its very easy to use.

You can list your stock, then sort it any which way you want, by any field you want eg calibre, headstamp, type etc. You can add lines, delete lines, change things around as much and as often as you want, its an inventory keepers dream. Then you can email it or parts of it. It is in effect the sorcerer’s apprentice or as close as you are going to get.

I don’t know about where you live but round here I would enquire at the library. They run special courses for ‘people our age’ if you know what I mean. They talk slow and don’t use big words.

If not try the University of the Third Age, they run programs like this, or they do over here, its a worldwide organisation.

That will keep you occupied for the foreseeable future!

Youtube has a large list of instructional videos on excel. It is the way I keep track but it takes time to put it in and then edit it but Rome was not built in a day either.

Ray–How are you keeping track of your collection. I use Excel, as I think many people do, as discussed above. If you do, the easiest way to keep track of your duplicates is to add a column “DUPLICATES” to your collection catalog. Here you can enter how many duplicates of a certain item you have. If your already using Excel for your collection catalog this would save retyping all the details for the duplicates. If you want a list of just your duplicates, just sort using the duplicate column as the first parameter of the sort.

Thanks all.

It looks like Excel is the way I should have gone. I do have a couple of short lists on Excel, strictly special lists to augment my larger catalog, but there is no way I can see converting my catalog at this stage in life or starting a new list of a thousand cartridges or more.

Ron, you have given me a good idea to explore. My catalog started, back before I had a PC, as typed lists that I updated every so often and made hard copies on a Xerox. When I got a PC, I converted them to a simple WordPerfect document that has served me well over the years. I’m thinking I could simply add a column for dupes, just as you suggested. All of the headstamp and other information is there. All I would have to add would be a number. Almost sounds too easy. I’ll give it a trial.

The cigar boxes will have to wait for another life. ;-)

Thanks again


Ray–Glad you like my suggestion. At least that way you don’t have to type in all the info on your duplicates. Of course, the disadvantage of the WordPerfect list is the inability to sort the list so all the duplicates could be converted to a separate list from your collection catalog. Excel is so much more flexible for adding new items or new information. Before I converted to Excel many years ago I used Lotus 1-2-3. With Lotus 1-2-3 you could import that WordPerfect file and, assuming your original file was in some type of columnar format you could then do what is called “Parsing” the file to convert it to Lotus columns. Let me look into that for you as it may be able to do it in Excel as well. I’ll get back to you on what I find. If there is a way to convert that WordPerfect file to Excel, you will be much better served. What versions of WordPerfect and Excel and Windows are you using?

Ray–I have been doing some research on your catalog problem. Depending on exactly how your WordPerfect data is laid out, I think it can be converted to an Excel file. If you send me a few pages as an email attachment of your WordPerfect file, I’ll see if it can be converted.

I found a really good incentive to keep my duplicates listed - my web page ammo lists. The initial lists were done using Lotus 1-2-3 and sure enough I sat down and over a long period of time I entered my hand-typed lists into Lotus. This listing I eventually converted to Excel, which offers the option of including pictures of your cartridges. It really wasn’t as tedious as you’d expect, as you can copy all of the fields of the previous same caliber entry and just change the fields that need changing. Once you have entered your thousands of duplicates, you’ll be glad you did, as it sure makes keeping up with them a cinch.