How does one get missing journal?


I don’t know where this question should be addressed…but here goes…
I have sent numerous emails to all the contacts in IAA that I could find.
Sadly I have had no response at all.

I am trying to get a pdf copy of issue # 510 which I somehow missed whilst travelling abroad last year.
I have been sending emails to the “contacts” for about 6 months.
What should I do?



Since I can’t identify you directly I will respond on the forum to this old post.
Requests for missing issues and back issues or the DVD of back issue should be addressed to Gary Muckel at . Note this is a new email address as of the middle of December.


Thank you very much Gary
B D Green has emailed me a copy.
The forum turned out to be a good way to communicate.
Best wishes
Charley King
NZ member