How is old is REM-UMC 44 COLT?

I found this cartridge on my property in Central Texas. Knowing nothing about the subject, I assumed it was fairly modern, but, researching it online, it looks like it might be older. Any idea how old?
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UPDATE: According to a page about headstamps, it looks like it was manufactured between 1911 and 1960.

I don’t have notes at hand, but I’m pretty sure the .44 Colt was dropped in the early 1930s. It had never been a large seller in the first place and probably no handgun was chambered for it after the 1870s. (an afterword: I checked Guy Hildebrand’s cartridge image index and he suggested 1930 as last date of production)

Thank you, Jack. We also found a pile of arrowheads on our property, so we could have had actual cowboys and Indians here! Probably not at the same time, though.

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What type of priming system was used on that cartridge?

The primer is Boxer, perhaps nickeled. All U.S. makers of centerfire handgun and rifle cartridges by the 1880s were using the Winchester version of the basic Boxer type as the industry standard. Jack