How much do .60 Cal rounds sell for?


What are the average prices for different types of .60 Cal FA Experimental rounds in the USA today?


I probably paid to much, but 2 years ago i picked up a ball round at SLICS for $42



Either you got a good deal or I got screwed (probably both), but I paid $60 for mine a year or two ago. Incendiary bullet and very good case stenciling, FA 47.

Like most things I buy, I immediately wondered why I had done it.



Mine has a more mundane FA 50 headstamp, and it was part of a multi cartridge purchase


Thanks for that. What about fired cases?

  • @ Falcon: I have only two spent cases. I got one fired 0.6-inch (15.2X114) brass shell case (headstamped “FA” over “47”) FREE from an old guy who had been my neighbor; the other fired brass shell case 0.6-inch (headstamped “SL” over “44” with “star” at 3 o’clock position) I got from a flea-market for only $ 3.00. In both situations those guys had no idea what type of brass shell case was and it was no reason for me to tell them anything. Liviu 02/11/10



Is that .60 cal round you have live?



Yes it is.

I have a photo but, once again, Photobucket is acting up and I’m unable to download it or any other photos. Is there a good, free, alternative to Photobucket???




You indicated your .60 Cal. is an Incendiary. Do you mean Blue tip Incendiary or Silver tip API by chance? The Blue tips are pretty darn hard to find from what I’ve seen and I’d say you did real good for $60 if you landed one! Still a fair deal for an API with proud stenciling I would think…Not all are found nice in that department.


$15-20 for empty cases seems about the going rate based on sightings at gun shows and on auction.




Now photobucket is working! Go figure.

I was told that it’s Incendiary but you say API. I thought API also but, again, was told by someone who is supposed to know that it is Incendiary.

I tend to trust you and my first instinct which just goes to show that even the guys who are supposed to know can be wrong too.




That’s a nice one. Paul Smith sectioned a .60 Cal. API shown in the Journal #470 on page 29 (Fantastic work!) that seems to be like yours. Always thought the .60 Cal. project was kinda neat. Looking forward to HWS III to provide some info on the post-war designations, etc…





Incendiary has a blue tip. Silver tip is API and there’s even an API-T.

See photos at:




Happened across a listing for a “.60 Cal. Incendiary” with silver tip in an Engel’s auction from 2008. Item #351. … og9web.pdf

Perhaps the pointed steel core is not intended to be AP? The construction of the projectile in Paul Smith’s picture sure looks to be classic API configuration.

Item #350 is an interesting loading described as an HEI with a blue tip and yellow band. That’s the only one of those I’ve seen for sale.

Have seen in the past as I recall .60 cal. described as: yellow tip = Explosive, red over silver tip = API-T, blue tip = Incendiary and the “mystery” silver tip like you have.




OK, I can’t keep changing my catalog so I’ll wait until someone smarter than me comes up with the correct designation. That may be HWS III but I’ll probably be dead by then. ;) Or, I can simply trade off that cartridge and let someone else worry about it.

Check your email, BTW.




Yours is an API I have one just like it, with the same H/S. I also have the Blue Tipped Incendiary h/S FA * * 51 with 3 knurled Cann and one smooth on the projectile.

Anyone seen the Orange tipped tracer?


A silver tip wouild logically be API since this was the colour used for the .50 M8 API at the same time that the .60 round was being tried.


Tony, Steve, Dave, et al,

I’m fairly confident that the silver tipped Cal .60 cartridge is an API. But it does beg the question as to why some very knowledgeable collectors have ID’d it as an Incendiary? Something the rest of us do not know? Or simply a mistake?



As far a I know the silver is the API, Don’t know why it would be listed as Incendiary, since a blue tipped Incendiary was also produced. There were several types of .60 API loaded. For the most part I don’t know what sets one apart from the other.

T 39 API
T39E1 [T39 with M36A1 Percussion primer]

There were other rounds tested, HE, HEI, AP, APIT Tracer HPT and Incendiary. This Info may need some correction, but that what I know for now.