How NOT to section a cartridge

IAA has a firm prohibition against threads that explain how to section a cartridge. A wise policy, one that I support. But, maybe we should allow a thread that illustrates how NOT to section a cartridge? Here’s one where two photographs are worth two-thousands words. (I’ll admit that I tried this method - just once - when I was 11 or 12 years old. It resulted in a broken hacksaw and a sore butt when my dad figured out what I had done. He didn’t whump me for being inquisitive, he did it because I broke his new hacksaw)


ouch ,i hope that your are not hurt
but cannot cut the primer because it’s sure that go off at 100/100

What is the round in question? A .45-70 maybe?

It does provide a good view of the anvil of a Gill primer from a rarely-seen angle. Jack

I don’t think this is the round that Ray tried to section as a youngster. He learned his lesson well at his father’s knee; well, perhaps draped over his father’s knee! : - )

You need to go room trading inside the hotel at SLICS instead of answering Ray’s post for which we all are going to be spanked. Come to think of it, me too. Except I am in Philly, not in Saint Louis. Ray, could I see the hacksaw? :)

Vlad - I have not been able to attend the St. Louis show for three years now.

Ouch! You’re lucky to still have a hand and eyesight after that. Truth be told, we all have similar stories and I am no different. I had a close call with an old 7.9 S.m.E. round a few years back. Learned my lesson then. -Ger