How old are these 7mm

How far back do these 2 headstamp go?/

My guess is the one on the right is probably pre 1904 and the one on the left is post-1904 to sometime in the 1920s or early 1930s.


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The right one has been found on Boer War (1899-02) sites in FMJ and SP.

DM K ( Deutsche Metallpatronen Fabrik, vormals Lorenz, Karlsruhe,
made 7x57 from 1892-3, in conjunction with development of Mauser M1893 Mauser Rifle.
(DM formed by Loewe’s acquisition of Lorenz in early 1890s.-- exact date?).
Doc AV

I thank you all for your replys,as we all know this is a never ending
learning process.

Wilhelm Lorenz joined “Henri Ehrmann & Cie.” in 1872 and was able to buy the company in 1877, which became “Deutsche Metallpatronenfabrik Lorenz” in 1878.
In 1889 he sold his company to Loewe, at first remaining on its board. But soon he severed all connections, as far as is known. His name was dropped from “Deutsche Metallpatronenfabrik.”