How old. Two piece box of UMC Remington 32RF black powder?

The box has a red top label and red label around the sides. Label reads 32 Short R.F., black powder, “The Remington Arms Union Metallic Cartridge Company”. I would like to know about the ammos age and what this half full box is worth. Thanks. Bob.

Go to the Home Page. Under “Reference” you’ll find: “Dating Cartridge Boxes by Remington”.

Values are in the eye of the buyer/seller.

Bob–Go to this URL on the IAA Homepage for an article on dating Remington boxes. … -Box-Dates

Your box with no hyphen in the company name dates from 1916 to 1920.


Beat you! ;-) ;-) But, it was your effort that produced the great information, so you can be forgiven for directing him to it. In fact, it’s so good that it deserves a double link.


And double THANKS to Ron for his great job, and to all the other folks who prepared the “Guide to…” pieces. They really are very, very useful!

Ray–The only reason you beat me was because I took the time to actually go to the article so I could copy the URL so Bob could just click on it. But, your reference served a purpose also so Bob could see what other GREAT articles are available on the home page. So many people seem to forget, or don’t know about, the IAA Homepage, which is separate from the Forum.