How rare -or not- are the Madsen 23mm rounds?

Have got one for my collection, it was for many years part of a lamp (!) with threaded primer pocket and clear lacquer on the brass case. Is slightly rusty.
Headstamp is MADSEN 23MM K 38 S

Anthony Williams in his article An Introduction to Collecting 23 to 28mm Cartridges lists the 23x106mm Madsen as being very rare since sales of the gun were very limited with some guns possibly being sold to Argentina and China. Anthony has a picture of the cartridge in his article and a cartridge with the headstamp, you listed in your post, is shown here: … 106-Madsen?


I saw a nice HE round for sale the other day, one of a few which came on to the market at the same time. The asking price was £350 (c. €400 or $520) - and there was only the one left…

Incidentally, I’ve since discovered from Fede that Chile was a confirmed user - probably the only one.

Thanks for the input. This one may not get such a good price.
The friend I got it from also has one with a T in the hs. Since these are fired rounds they probably come from some test or demonstration shooting done by Compagnie Madsen/DISA back before the war.

Projectile is solid, with a approx. 11,5x42mm hole from the base. Threaded halfway, probably done to mount it on the lamp.
One can only be glad someone back then chose to make an ornament out of the cartridges :-)

If you want to remove the lacquer, comercial paint stripper will easily do it. I have had a lot of success with this method.