How to clean corrosion?


I just got a 40-70 Sharps from my grandfather and it’s a great cartridge except for a lot of corrosion on the case. I have other cartridges with this kind of corrosion, but it’s either just a little bit or I don’t care enough about the cartridge…the 40-70 Sharps is a different case. The only thing i can describe the corrosion as is that it looks like battery acid corrosion on battery terminals. It’s white, but then with some turquoise coloring here and there. the brass around it looks good though, and i’m convinced if i got that stuff off, it’d probably just leave dark discoloration. Which would be a lot better. Any idea how to get this stuff off safely, without destroying the cartridge? Is it better just to leave it on? I’m never planning on selling my cartridges, but I don’t want to completely destroy the value. I’ve heard brass wool is great, because it wont actually scratch the brass, just take off that crap. Is this true and would it work in this case? Let me know what you guys think.

ps-what is this corrosion, some kind of funky oxidation?


Green ooze?


As long as I don’t have to take apart a case in order to clean the inside I use a brass letter opener, yes a standard letter opener but made of brass.
Brass won’t hurt brass and with a letter opener you have control on the pressure, light strokes where needed and heavy strokes on the thicker corrosion.
I don’t have this same control with steel wool or it you can find it brass wool, the wool cleans more of the patina off the case than I want, with the letter opener I can work on just the spot.


alright, cool. Thanks a lot.