How to get tracer/incendiary type rounds to the show if flying in?


Aside from the 11lbs in checked baggage (is that per bag? or total?) how do you guys get tracer/incendiary stuff to the show?

Will the hotel accept UPS shipments for incoming guests?


or send it to somebody who is driving to the show


In the past I have made UPS shipments both to and from the hotel! I have not done this for at least 5 or 6 years. Call them and confirm that they will handle the UPS shipment.



YES! The hotel always has in the past and again this year will accept UPS shipments and hold for the reservation holder. I always attach a label stating HOLD FOR xxxxx xxxxx ARRIVING MO/DAY/YEAR. When you arrive at the front desk, inform them you have a package out on the dock and it will be retrieved…