How to join the IAA Member Usergroup and post to B/S/T

This post is a sticky in other areas, but I wanted to make this a normal post here to work out any issues. Thanks all.

If would like to post to the Buy/Sell/Trade area you have to be a member of the IAA as well as request membership in this forum’s IAA Member Usergroup. How to join the the IAA Member Usergroup:

  • Click on the User Control Panel
  • Click Usergroups
  • Click the button next to the IAA Member
  • In the drop-down menu, make sure “Join selected” is your option
  • Click submit
  • Wait patiently; your approval to join is manually activated

*Important notes

  • Joining the group is delayed for the following reason: If we don’t recognize your user handle, if you e-mail isn’t the same one you have on file with the IAA, nothing in your profile gives us a clue as to your name as it is on record with the IAA.
  • We may PM you and request infomration to verify your identity against infomration the IAA secretary has on file.
  • Some of you are very long time IAA members; however, I don’t know everyone except those I have met at SLICS and met over the years on this forum. Thus, if you are an esteemed and long time member of the IAA and I ask you to verify your identity, my apologies in advance.
  • You must be a member of the IAA to participate in the B/S/T. This policy is set forth by IAA management and adhered to by this forum. Should you disagree with it, please address your concerns to the IAA leadership.
    As always, feel free to contact us with questions/concerns.