How to label/display/store collectible ammo?

Forgive me if this has been covered, if it has, please throw up links to discussions or tell me to use the search function if I can figure out how to use it. As a forum moderator on another site, and as a member of other forums, I realize how repetitive some questions can get.

Anywhoo, I have been sort of collecting for years, now just looking at what I have and realizing that I need to get some sort of organization going on and would also like to figure out a way to efficiently store/display them. Basically just USA based stuff, sporting arms ammo with some military stuff, 98% of the stuff is under .50 cal (a handful of .50 BMG and some BELL big bore cartridges) but more of the 50 cal stuff is thrown in the mix as I run across it. Pistol, shotgun and rifle, with rifle wildcats thrown in the mix. I am good with my hands and can make just about anything I put my mind to.

How do I label the cartridges etc. Basically I know I don’t know enough to know what questions I need to ask.


No such thing as a bad question. There are people in this IAA Forum that would be glad to help you with a problem. I found if I just want to label and store just one cartridge, I place it in a clear plastic tube available from ClearTec Packaging or Brownell in a variety of diameters. Remember there is a minimum buy on their products. You can cut the 4 ft tube to any length and write the description on with a fine point black magic marker.

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Thank you! I will contact them tomorrow to see how much those clear plastic caps are, or where to find them on their site. The tubes might solve a few problems with using a wooden display case to hold the cartridges, especially if it was made from Oak.

There are also instruction on this site as well that have suggestions on what type of markers to use along with other materials. I just used that info here from the IAA and it has served me well.