How to show pdf files?


I have a drawing of the .310 Cadet Mk 3. Do I need to scan it to pdf and then have to use photobucket in order to post it.



John, you scan it as a .jpg and put it up at Photobucket.

Thanks EOD, will do that.

You can also use Dropbox. Its up to 2GB for free. is the website.
Its very easy to use: You have a folder on your PC which is synchronized with Dropbox. If you wanna share a file just make a right click an the file you wanna use in your dropbox folder and make a link.

You can watch this video:

If you have the full Adobe Acrobat program, you can also open the .pdf file, and then select to “save as” a .jpg file, which generates a new file as an image file, which you can then upload to a photo hosting site. It might be slightly better resolution as compared to printing a copy, and then scanning it, but as a
line drawing this might not be too much of a concern.

You also can online convert PDF to JPG Files:

Thanks guys,

The save as .jpg works a treat.