How to strip HK P2A1 flare pistol?

Dear friends!
Who knows how to strip Heckler-Koch P2A1 flare pistol? I didn’t found any manual or instruction in the Web.

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Dart–Although their are at least 2 members of this Forum who know a lot about Flare Pistols and can probabily answer your question, please keep in mind that this Forum is about the Cartridges and not the guns. You can most likely receive better answers about guns on other forums that cater to shooting and collecting guns not cartridges.

Regardless, welcome to our Forum. Especially for cartridge questions we will do our best to answer.

Sorry, it’s my fall! But I also very interesting in flare cartridges - espessialy Soviet-made. I have 2- and 3-star Soviet 26-mm flares in my collection and can placed photos but don’ understand how to do this…

Dart–We would be glad to see the pictures of your Flare cartridges. Go to the below location for instructions on how to post images on the Forum. If you have any problems, please email me (click on “email” below) for additional help

I am not at home until tomorrow. I will post some instructions for you then.

Thanks to all! Here it is Soviet 2-star and 3-star red and yellow flares, manufactured in 1953.
2-star - standart 80-mm case
3-star - special 104-mm case

…and internal parts of 2-star red flare

and 3-star red flare inner construction.
Both 2-star and 3-star flares as well as illumination flare have common charge -2,75 gramms of black powder.

Great stuff Dart. Guess I’m gonna have to do a couple of Czech rounds now.

Rick, Be careful that you don’t take an illumination round apart, I think they can sometimes contain white phosphorous, which burns on contact with air.

Thanks for the warning Falcon. My hearing is pretty well shot, but I’ve still got all my fingers and my eyesight is affected only by age. There are a few scars here and there, with great stories to match. All that to say, I didn’t get this old by being REAL stupid. And just so you know, there is no WP in these colored Czech flares. Luckily I don’t have any illumination rounds. Not sure as I’d thought of that. They are nearly identical to Dart’s Rooskie samples. And they add quite a bit of flare to the burn pile afterwards. Just sayin’.


Here you go. This is basic but you should be able to clean it…

Push out the front pin with a punch.

Pull the barrel out and be careful not to lose the spring.

Extractor slides out to the chamber area.
Spring pulls out to the chamber
Ejector lever pulls out towards the muzzle.

I don’t recommend pulling it apart any further. A good cleaning with a tooth brush will remove any fouling.

If adventurous…

Push out the roll pin and the trigger and rest of the mech. comes straight out. Watch for small parts. I have not stripped this part as I usually run it under hot water and brush it clean. Let dry and lightly oil.

Missing Something, thank you very much!!

Do you need any sort of Permit for a flare pistol in Canada? In the UK, you even have to prove you have a good reason to own a even flare pistol.

NP Dart.

Flare guns in Canada are not controlled at all. You can possess them without licence. Same goes for the flares themselves.

Just another example of our over-the-top gun laws. Here in the UK, if you want to collect flare pistols without alot of paperwork you must buy “deactivated” ones for usually over

As far as I know the only limiting factor would be the muzzle velocity. Anything over 500fps is considered a gun & must be registered including airguns. But they sell commercial flare pistols over the counter in most large sporting goods departments. How fast would a military flare exit the barrel and is the burning portion considered a projectile? I don’t know.

Here’s Soviet illumination flare apart. There’s no WP - main illumination composition components are barium nitrate /Ba(NO3)2/ and magnesium /Mg/. It’s not flammable in open air.

I know alot of flares are similar composition to fireworks, I was just telling Rick to be careful what he took apart.