How to turn Brass black?


Ok, I have a question. Does anyone know how manufactures turn brass cases black when making dummy rounds? Did they use some kind of chemical? If so what?


Yes, they use a chemical bath.


Missed the second question. I have the formula from Footscray, but reluctant to put in on the web for obvious reasons.
PM me if you like.



Simplest thing is to just buy a bottle of it, Birchwood Casey do a good one. Simple if you are only doing a few bits. Do make sure you get the metal clean before you start.


Birchwood Casey Brass Black


I think I will try the Brichwood casey stuff a try.
Thanks guys.


Zac, You can order a 3 0z bottle for $9.99 here:


Thanks Mel,


Cold blue will work on brass but turns it more blue than black. You might try some if you have any to see if it is satisfactory.