How were 22 ammo boxes printed in the 1920's & 1930's

HI, can you answer these questions? Or do you know who may be able to? I am interested in finding out how the color printing was done for the american made 22 boxes in the 1920’s and 30’s. Did all the major players like Winchester and Remington contract out the printing of their ammo boxes or did they do this in house? What printing process was used? How was the printing of the different colors done? thanks bob kehn

In the 20’s-30’s printing was done on a printing press, the same as books, catalogs, magazines, newspapers & etc. No Xerox in those days…You might want to do some research on the web about printing & multi-color printing for a detailed explanation.

As most of the boxes then were one-piece they were flat when printed, probably on a sheet with multiple images / text on the plate to do more than one box image per imprint & then cut apart, likely with a die & then assembled.

I can’t answer about all the major companies, Western contracted out for the larger case types as a printers logo can be seen on the end flaps, but I do think Winchester and Remington likely had an in-house operation, but may have still gone out for some work? Kynoch had in-house facilities, even printing their catalogs & brochures.

Edited to add Two piece boxes had labels / seals printed in the same time proven way as the one piece boxes, on a printing press, and then glued onto the box.

Think Gutenberg Bible for the basic devise.