New to the forum and reasonably new to the game.
I have 62 different calibers. Nothing of great rarity but just enough to make me look hard for something new. (.455 Webley MK2, .32 Short Colt, .307 Win and .458 Win Mag are probably my “least common” rounds) Getting into headstamp ID’s as well. How many (if any) other kiwis are there on here? Just looking for someone to trade with.

Welcome aboard friend. There are a number of your countrymen who inhabit here.

Good hunting.

Hi Falcon5nz, Im a proud one-eyed Cantabrian, I’ve been collecting for about 10 years, I collect calibers and anything that looks cool. Which part of the country do you live? The New Zealand Cartridge Collectors Club is a worth joining. Cheers

Welcome to our site, Falcon5NZ. Now we have two Falcons.

Regarding the number of cartridges for collecting, in case types alone, there are probably several thousand. Add headstamps to that, and, well…! The premier cartridge collection in the USA, primarily military and police ammo only, has over 200,000 speciments. I collect auto pistol cartridges, do not have the best collection around, and have somewhere between 12,000 and 14,000 speciments in that field alone. Point is, the sky’s the limit.

If you become a serious cartridge collector, you will probably end up specializing. In the iterim, remember, its a hobby - something to be done for enjoyment. So collect what you like and what you want, regardless of what anyone else thinks. If you enjoy your collection, and know the facts about it in as much as possible, then it is a good collection.

By all means, if not a member already, join the NZCCC. I am American, living in the USA, and I would never want my membership in the NZCCC to end. Good bulletin with lots of information, but more important, a really terrific bunch of guys, those Kiwi Kartridge Kollectors! I have hosted many of them at my house over the years, and they are, to my wife and I, simply family.

If you can’t find a contact for it, PM me and I will be happy to provide it.

[quote=“JohnMoss”]Welcome to our site, Falcon5NZ. Now we have two Falcons.

Four…“Falcon1” and “AlphaFalcon” are also on here!


Good Grief! We have a whole herd of Falcons. Pride of Falcons? Covey of Falcons? Gaggle of Falcons? Flamboyance of Falcons? Flock of Falcons?

That’s o.k. There’s always room for more.

Welcome falcon5nz. Don’t hesitate to ask on the Forum about any special cartridges you might be looking for. I’ve traded with other Kiwis ( and even a few with Aussies).


In AZ we have a generic term for a group of Falcons. It’s called a “bunch”. The same word can be used to describe a group of cows, antelope, javalina, elk, even people. Very convenient.

Actually it’s a Cast of Falcons.


Ray - I like “Flamboyance of Flamingos” better.

Thats what I love about this forum & life in general, you can learn something new every day!

Welcome Falcon5nz, plenty of things in the ammo line out there to collect, GO YOUR HARDEST! & have fun.

Regards Peter.

Gidday falcon5nz.
Welcome to the forum from another Kiwi.
As luck would have it I am hosting a NZCCC summer meeting at my place in Chch on saturday March 7th. There will be a lot of good stuff there and a lot of people who are always keen to meet another cartridge collector. I will guarantee you will leave with pockets bulging, a smile on your face, lots of new friends, and an invite to do it all again!!!
What part of NZ are you from? PM me with your phone number and I’ll give you a call.
And welcome to the big wide world of cartridge collecting. Its a pretty cool place!!!

Hi Craig, I’ll Be there with bells on. Cheers Tony

Thanks for the welcome guys