Howell Munitions & Technology-Ammo Load-Freedom Munitions

I haven’t heard of this company for some time. I had a question on one of their products and spent some time running down their current status.

Howell Munitions & Technology in Lewiston ID. The basic company originated as Howell Machine and provided a lot of tools & equipment to CCI. They acquired Ammo Load and then established Freedom Munitions (retail sales) and bought or established number of other companies and finally established the overall company as HMT.

They produced ammo with a variety of headstamps including AMMOLOAD, FM, FREEDOM, IMT & @IMT@, USA and X-TREME, and perhaps other headstamps. They produced both brass and steel cases.

Initially, in 2014, Howell Machine apparently was going to register themselves as International Munitions & Technology (IMT) and Ammo-Load made at least two lots of cases, the early ones without the two circles which were suppose to be the company logo. Instead they registered as Howell Munitions & Technology. They have been in bankruptcy since 2018 after going through some layoffs and apparently some serious quality problems if some of the forums are to be believed. The bankruptcy court approved their sale to Kash CA earlier this year.

If anyone has more info on this company, please share it. I believe they had a close relationship with a Turkish company which showed some of the headstamps on their cases. I believe all their cases had a step on the inside.

I would expect some new headstamps to come out of this. Their latest brand is “Range Time” but I have no idea what headstamp is used.



I found the Turkish company in my files that clearly has a relationship with HMT. Below is an image from some of the material of Anatolia Cartridges co. Ltd, and the cases illustrated have an AMMOLOAD headstamp. Th image below implies these are brass washed steel cases, and I have such a case in my collection which I acquired in about 2009. I assume that HMT must have bought these cases from the Turkish company, but I have never documented a loaded round with this case.

Any additional info on HMT or any of it’s products would be appreciated.



I picked this up at the range. Brass case. I wish I knew what box it came out of.


First time I have seen an HMT headstamp. This probably means ti also occurs in 9x9mm!!! Another round I will never see, much less have in the collection.

A great item! Congrats!!!

Does anyone else have an “HMT” headstamped case???

Does anyone know the box it comes in? Perhaps the Range Time box above???


Does this company have any early historic connection with the, HOWELL TORPEDO, from the early 1900’s?


The “HMT” headstamp, which I have only in a .45 NUPE case and no box label or literature, is too new in style to have any connection to and early 1900s company, in my opinion.

John Moss

None that I have found. This organization was strictly in Idaho.


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Hi Lew, “RangeTime” is a brand of remanufactured ammunition (same as “RPT”) and you can find it with many different headstamps. It was introduced by Freedom Munitions in October 2016.

Below you can read about the current status of HMT and associated companies: