Howitzer 92mm shell - 1914 casting


Sorry to disappoint. Lol Maybe he didn’t know how to spell it?


Does this make you change your opinion on the location of where it might have been used/found/souvenir of?



Tranchee de Calonne is in France. Whoever did the artwork was in that area I presume, either during or after the fighting.


I’m stubbornly holding onto the American Indian being tied to second infantry so i looked up a timeline on the Battle for Verdun @ Tranchees de Colonné in Verun-sur-Meuse, France. Between 21FEB16 and 18DEC16 the French were bombarded by howitzer rounds by the Germans. Then starting on 12OCT18 @ 0530 during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive the second Infantry was moved into the west bank of the Meuse in the same area and held it through the end of the negotiations.

Now if i could just tie this shell to that battle definitively I’d be so excited. Because then I’d know for sure that 100 years ago at this time it was being worked on and that’s pretty neat.


That’s an excellent piece of research, and what is so fascinating about this hobby.


Thank you Cheekyngeeky, FRANCE shows clearly in the new picture, however my computer seems to hide a specific name, neither Calonne nor Colonné nor anything alike.
Should the souvenir remind of trenches in
France without being precise, the French front line was hundreds of km long …


Absolutely correct. I’m afraid I jumped to perhaps the incorrect conclusion. Of course the trenches could refer to anywhere in France…


It is difficult to say where or when this item was made as it could have been even after the war when many patriotic ornaments were made. It all depends on the single person who made it and only this person knows the details.


I put it out on my booth this weekend as decoration, along with my atomic test bomb and three people tried to buy it from me. Lol

I wouldn’t even know what to sell it for but i’m not ready to part with it.


The value of these items is in the eye of the beholder.
Much more common in Europe and usually not very expensive.

Ok, what atomic test bomb you got???


It’s been modified to addthe pvc nose cover and clear coated so i can use it as a business card holder on my table. I don’t really know much about it.


Hmhm… this looks some home-made cake to me. And yes, there is some resemblance with a certain little boy.
Very nice, don’t dump it.


Looks like a Mark 106 practice bomb, weighing about 5 pounds (2.27kg) which is used to simulate the trajectory of a 500 pound Mark 82 equipped with retarded “snakeye” fins.


Thank you. I did have a customer walk by and mention he thought the same thing. It’s good to have confirmation.


Here are two Mk106 Practice Bombs. Looks like the No4.

Length fuze to tail is 460mm. No5 is 540mm.


Here the target marker / simulator which is installed in these:


You rock! Ive been online looking for old files tonight as well.


Y’all probably won’t believe me but i was just handed two sights this morning. I know this site is for cartridges but i just have to share! !


This could be a mortar sight.


I love the gifts I get lol