How's about some 8 Ga. Industrial Kiln gun rounds


The Light brown one is paper hull, the other two are recent manufacture plastic hulls. The yellow is a solid slug, the clear is, obviously, buckshot.
Their use was/is to blow off the slag built up in smelting kilns. Remington website has a kiln gun for use. Can’t buy them, as I understand, can only lease them. They’re mini-artillery looking. Not suitable for carry in the field. 12 ga. for size.

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I have a fired hull of one of these made from black plastic. It is stamped “REMINGTON INDUSTRIAL” Here is a pic of it from my site, shown next to a regular 12 Gauge and ruler for scale. It looks as if you can buy the gun according to the site.

Here is a picture of the gun from the Remington site.


Hey Falcon.

As it was explained to me by the presenter of the buckshot round, Remington retains ownership via a leasing agreement of sorts. That may have been the option they went for. He advised they were very restricted. No clue what one of these would cost to buy or lease. It would be fun to crank off a round or two from one of these.