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I am new to the forum and new to the organization. Just picked up a box of .38-55 Hoxie Bullets (qty 10) labeled “Applied To Winchester Cartridges”. Headstamp reads…WRA Co…WHV…38-55. They are partially jacketed and the protruding lead tip does pass the magnet test. Box is old paper/cardboard 2 piece with labels still attached. One corner of the top half is separating, otherwise intact.
I only have 9 cartridges (the box does list 10). The cartridges are wrapped in a blue colored tisue paper.
My guess is that Hoxie loaded their bullets to Winchester brass.
Can anyone enlighten me concerning my find here? I’d be most interested in some history and an estimated value.

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The Hoxie Ammunition Co. was located in Chicago, IL, from about 1908 until ??. They would acquire loaded ammunition from any of the large producers of the day…WRACO, UMC, etc., and insert their steel ball in the bullet nose, in just about any caliber desired. The steel ball is inserted into the large end of a conical cavity formed within the bullet nose, so that after the ball is in place, there is an air pocket below the ball to aid in bullet expansion upon impact. I believe they also furnished bullets for those who wanted to load their own…

Hoxie boxes in any caliber are, in my opinion, quite scarce. I have one W.R.A.Co. .30 U.S.G. (30-40 Krag) cartridge in the collection but have never seen a box for this caliber…


mod70 - you say that the “lead ball” in the tip of your Hoxie rounds “passes the magnet test.” What does that mean? Is the ball magnetic or not? My understanding is that the ball in the tip of the Hoxie bullets is steel, not lead. I will admit, though, that I am out of my element here.

The only way I know of to verify Hoxie is to check with a magnet at the tip of the bullet as the point is typically covered by lead. If it is a Hoxie there will be a pull on the magnet. These bullets do have magnetic material in the tip.

To 30army: My research indicates the company was in business from 1907 to 1933. There is a patent date of Feb 5, 1907 printed on the box.
Sounds like Hoxie had an agreement with the cartridge makers of the time as “Winchester Cartridges” is printed on the Hoxie box.
I have not seen a Hoxie box listed anywhere during my research so the relative scarcity leads me to believe it may have some value. If I ever get dug out from this Ct blizzard I wil try to post a few pix for everyone to look at.
This is getting more and more interesting.

Hello mod70sg, do you have a reference for the 1933 date? Most of the advertisement by this company was published between 1907 and 1909, but it seems that it was active many years after with different addresses. The last reference I have is dated 1920 and the address was 4448 Michigan Av., Chicago, IL (this was G. H. Hoxie’s father’s home).

I remember reading that some of the ammunition companies did not care for third party bullet modifications being done to their ammunition and took legal action to prevent Hoxie from doing this, at least to factory-loaded ammunition. But I have no details.

Fede and DennisK: Now I can’t find where I got the 1933 date (I know I read it somewhere) but several other forums I have seen list “mid 1930’s” for an end date of Hoxie ammunition. One forum with that date is on this site listed under .45 govt. cartridge. The only address I have is printed on the box and that is simply Hoxie Ammunition Co. Chicago Ill. I have no actual documentation of the 30’s, just what I have read. You know more about this than I it seems.
I am also quite curious about the relationship between Hoxie and other ammo producing companies. It was my understanding that the different companies of the time would not allow their product name used by anyone else. Yet, printed on the Hoxie box (and I quote), " Hoxie Bullets applied to Winchester Cartridges by Hoxie Ammunition Co.". I can’t imagine that being printed without the permission of Winchester…or a lawsuit to cease.

mod70sg, thanks for the information. The inventor passed away on October 2, 1913 and his “Hoxieized” ammunition continued to be sold by his mother at the 4448 Michigan Av. address I mentioned before (his father passed away in 1896). She died on December 17, 1922 and her house was sold by the state to the Martha Washington Club. Unless his other son was involved, which was not living at this last address, I think that this was probably the end of Hoxie ammunition.

A company advertisement mentions: “We do not sell HOXIE BULLETS separately, but supply U. M. C., Winchester, or any standard cartridge with HOXIEIZED BULLETS, order from us and give us his name”. One of their catalogs also includes “Dominion, Savage or Peters”.

Thanks Fede, that is really good info. May I ask where you found such detailed information? I just can’t find anything, to date, substantial about the company or family.

mod70sg -

What are these “several other forums” that you mentioned? Are they cartridge related?


You can find information in catalogs and also in advertisements and articles published in old magazines like Outdoor Life, Hunter-Trader-Trapper, Scientific American, etc. Newspapers also are quite helpful.

RayMekata: One of the forums is right here at IAA. Look up the forum for .45 govt. cartridge.

First attempt at posting a pic. Hope this shows and helps.

i1341.photobucket.com/albums/o75 … f5a2a6.jpg[/

Finally go the photo there. Hope this helps.

What are the other forums? I’m not sure what you mean by the forum for .45 govt. cartridge. Are you referring to threads on the IAA Forum?

I like to read other forums pertaining to cartridges and cartridge collecting.


It was a discussion just like this one, but I do not remember how I got there.
The other forums popped up while doing a google for Hoxie bullets or Hoxie ammunition. Sorry I don’t remember any more detail on how I found them.