HP 9x19mm with Nosler Style Bullet

I found the round below a few years ago. Unfortunately only the sectioned round was available. Apparently it is a Hirtenberger load. The case was probably headstamped “HP 99 9mm 07” but part of the headstamp is missing. This looks like a pistol version of the old Nosler bullets from years ago.

Does anyone have loaded examples of this cartridge?

What is the name/designation HP assigned this bullet?

Was this ever a production item?

Any information appreciated.


Hi Lew, this is the Defender 8,0 g police load from the early 90’s in which Nosler bullets were used. The ones I’ve seen were headstamped HP * 9 mm * (five and six point stars).

Winchester also had a 9mm with a Partition-Gold bullet which they loaded in the Ranger line for a short while. Today they still load Partition Gold bullets in pistol calibers, but just as part of the Supreme line of pistol hunting calibers like 454 casull, 460 S&W, 44mag, etc…

The Ranger loading w/ partition gold (in my estimation) is one of the few short-lived oddball designations that they had in that line for a short time:

Lew - I have two different HP-bullet loadings in Hirtenberger 9 mm Para, but I cannot tell from them if they are partition. One seems to have a bullet shape similar to your cutaway, while the other does not protrude from the case as much. The formation of the nose cavity are about the same on both of them, but the ogive is not. The cavility is similar to what you show but I can’t be sure looking down from the top of it that it is identical. Sorry I can’t be more sure about this. Pulling the bullet probably would not help either, and I have no duplicate to cut open to find out (If I did I wouldn’t cut it, but rather send it to you and let you figure it out the way you want to).