HPS Target rifles proprietary headstamp

I recently acquired a .308 Case with a proprietary headstamp for HPS Target Rifles of Gloucester, England.

The headstamp is:


I will call HPS sometime and see if they will tell me who made the brass. I may be able to get more of these if anyone is interested.

You can contact them through their website to save yourself the price of a call.


They mention headstamps in their reloading components section. Other people on here may like to have a look as well.

Did you go to the Phoenix Meeting this weekend? They often have a stand at the big events.

The NSRA (not NRA) sell their ammunition at Bisley I have tried their .303 but that is HXP headstamp.


I would prefer a call, even though it may cost a few pence, someone has to speak to you there and then. Emails are usually ignored.

Unfortunately I did not make the meeting this weekend, I was going to go but it didn’t come off.