? HS on 8x60R Kropatschek ammunition

A friend just acquired this unopened package and asked me to find out what I could:

I’m pretty sure that it is Portuguese made 8x60R Kropatschek and I was wondering if anyone knows what the headstamp would be?

I may be the last to answer here (know nothing about) but to what I saw the Portuguese were relaoding a lot and hs are often found in a mix + differing case lengths.
Or was that only the case with blanks?

Thanks Alex, I’m unsure whether these are ball or blanks. Google translate tells me that “com kala” is “with kala”. If I put in kala by itself, it tells me that it means split in Somali.

I know that there are mixed headstamps in the paper-wrapped Portuguese blanks package that I have but as the package is intact and still tied up. This is what I was able to see by peering through the tears in the paper. I don’t want to open it to investigate further. However, those cases were dated early 1900s and I don’t know if practices changed in the 20 years that separates those cartridges with these ones.

I am sure the experts here will come up with more details.

But basically the weight of your box should allow you to judge if it is blanks (rather light) or bulleted loads (not really light then).

Actually it is not “kala” but “bala” = ball.

Found this image in the internet which is much better legible:

And a pack of blanks for comparison (wording):

Headstamps on Kropatchek blanks canbe either FA( post1900 examples, or GR (Georg Roth, Austria) 1890s dates…
Both cases use the Roth patent
Anvil, with flash-hole thru centre;
Primer cup is .250", same as British for .303.
Initial Ball ammo was supplied by
GR in 1889-1900, withsupplies of empty casesas well tobe loaded as Ball or Blanks in Portugal ( common practice pre WWI, especially for countries with small budgets, and beginning their own case making.
I don’t have info as to whether P actually reloaded Ball cases, but they certainly usedfired ballcases to load Blanks, as well as New cases. All my packets( a few 100)
Were New Brass FA and used GR.

The 1905 FA cases, once dismantled and annealed, reprimed with RWS non-corr.#6000 primers, work well…
No splits, blackening, etc. M1899 smokeless load ( up to 1898 BP load).
Doc AV
Edited: FA instead of AE.

Thank you both for the info.

Actually, the earliest F.A. date I have is 1899. Not all cases use the Roth single flash hole. I have a sectioned wood bullet blank with no headstamp that employs two flash holes.

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