Hs' on RUAG Action3 in my collection

All of the cartridges shown here are range pickup from sloppy police officers who have racked their USP when training and forgotten to pick up the cartridge. Some of them look like they have been outside for a year or two. Possession of Action3 is considered illegal in Denmark, so all of these have been properly disposed of. This small collection of 4 unfired A3’s was shown to me today and quickly photographed before sent on to be destroyed.
The fired cases are from my collection.

And side view:


Soren - to paraphrase a song from a musical comedy, can’t recall the title, “Oh what a loverly bunch of headstamps.” Nice group, especially representing one load. Do you know why some have red seals and some green? I have seen this of course, but I still don’t know the reason for it, if there is one (an I’ll bet there is).

No John, I don’t know the reason for the different pa colours, but I took a closer look at the picture of the headstamps and saw that I had three similar cases instead of three different… -doh!..
I have a few boxes in the collection with lot numbers on them and I’ll get back tomorrow with some more headstamps I’ve found.

Soren & John, it seems that the reason of the different color seals was purely a cosmetic change made after February-March 2000, and in this regard the latest red seal headstamp I have noted is DAG00B and the earliest green seal is DAG00D. I have checked several subsequent lot numbers and these are consistent with this supposition, but you and others may want to check your collections for inconsistencies to this.

Fede - thanks, amigo. I don’t collect dates of themselves on headstamps, so my collection would not be good for that type of research. One of the “every lot and date” collectors would do better. The only caliber where I collect every date, now that I have broken up the 7.9 collection, is 9 mm Makarov since I collect everything to do with the subject.

The change from red to green primer annulus seem to happen after lot C in 2000:


To more:

You should start to collect dates, John. It’s funny :-)


Should mention that these two are not Action, but FMJ With CNCS jackets. I believe the headstamps indicate that the change happened in January/February some time.

I do not think the change from red to green primer laquer was pure cosmetic.
Notice that the color is… green.
My guess is this had something to do with a change of primer compounds making the fumes less toxic.

I thought about this possibility but the primer compound change (schadstoffreduziert) was used a few months later after the color change. If you are right and it was used since the color change -and identified by this mean- it was not indicated in headstamps and boxes.

The SX in all the pictured headstamps says “Sintox” heavy metal free primer mix, which is what the military calls “schadstoffreduziert” (SR). So all shown are of the same basic type.

I personally tend to assume that the change of color marks some sort of technical change. For example in the primer mix, the shape of the primer pocket (the groove in the wall perhaps?, switch to two flashholes?), or maybe the baseplate of the bullet (from flat to cup). Alas, I do not know.

P.S. On second thought, probably not a change in the (FMJ) bullet, because we see the color change also on Action 3.