HSM 350 Remington Magnum

I was surprised today to see that some HSM brand .350 Rem Mag ammo that I ordered from Outdoorlimited (the only place that seems to list it) came in with custom HSM headstamps. I knew that brass was few & far between on this caliber with Remington only doing it very rarely, and Nosler doing small batches. For HSM to invest in it with an industry-low price was a surprise, but odd that only 25 boxes (1 case worth) were on hand at the one retailer showing it.

Here it is anyway:


You did not mention cost, but Midway has Nosler Custom in stock, 54.39/box. And, if you feel you need to spend a **lot** more money, Heendershots [Hancock, Md., https://hendershots.net/] will custom load for you, at 89.99~$ 119.99 per 20 rounds, and you get to choose “Barnes 180gr & 200 TSX, Tipped TSX, Nosler 225gr Accubond, 225 Partition, Hornady 200gr Spire Point”,
"With our “Extreme” Custom Ammo we take no shortcuts and cut no corners as we bring you the finest ammo money can buy, each round is built one at a time to assure each cartridge meets our exceedingly high standards of performance so that when you pull the trigger your ammunition will not let you down!

We are more than happy to discuss bullet performance relating to our 350 Remington Mag ammunition and bullet selection for your rifle. Please call us at (240) 347-4883 and we will be happy to speak with you!"

This HSM stuff was $41, so relatively low for .350 Rem Mag.

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